Program Details

Program Structure

The That Man is You! schedule is designed to harmonize with the academic calendar of youth.  The program begins in the Fall, typically the first or second week in September and completes a 13 week “semester” before the Christmas holidays.  The 13-week Spring “semester” typically begins in the middle of January and finishes by the end of April.

Each session has three essential elements: social gathering over a meal, DVD presentation and small group discussion.  The vast majority of programs run on a weekday morning and follow a schedule similar to the following:

6:00am           Doors open for breakfast.

6:20am           Music video plays.

6:25am           Welcoming comments from the Master of Ceremonies.

6:30am           DVD presentation.

7:00am           Small group discussion.

7:30am           Conclusion.


That Man is You! honestly addresses the pressures and temptations that men face in our modern culture, especially those relating to their roles as husbands and fathers.  The program harmonizes current social and medical science with the teachings of the Church and the wisdom of the saints to develop the vision of man fully alive.  It is particularly indebted to the teachings of the Second Vatican Council and Pope John Paul II.

Over the course of three years, That Man is You! successively considers the three most important relationships in a man’s life: his relationship with God, his relationship with his spouse and his relationship with his children.  More detailed information regarding program content may be found in the course description for the individual years.


That Man is You! has consistently demonstrated the ability to attract men and transform their lives. The typical parish can expect to attract 5% - 10% of the men registered in the parish.  Approximately 12% of parishes will attract even larger numbers. It is not uncommon for programs to have more than 100 men.

Independent research from a Faith Advisor to The Gallup Poll confirms the ability of That Man is You! to radically transform lives.  As a group, men entering That Man is You! were in the bottom quartile on the Gallup Poll Spiritual Commitment Index.  By the end of the first year, they were well within the top quartile.  Indeed, the change was more than 3 times the level typically considered significant forsuccessful programs. 

Supporting Materials

Paradisus Dei is committed to the success of every program and the transformation of every participant. Full time professional program coordinators are assigned to ensure the success of every parish hosting That Man is You! 

Additionally, Paradisus Dei has designed program materials to support parishes hosting the program as well as individual men participating in the program. 

The Host Parish Packet:

Once a parish has officially registered to host That Man is You! it receives a comprehensive packet of supporting materials including:

  • A TMIY Core Team Manual providing a step-by-step checklist for running That Man is You!
  • A training DVD.    
  • Ten presentation DVDs containing all 26 weeks of That Man is You!
  • Small Group Facilitator Guides for each session.
  • Master of Ceremony Guides for each session.
  • A music video DVD 

Promotional Materials

Paradisus Dei has developed full color, high graphics resolution promotional materials that are customizable for individual programs.  These materials include bulletin inserts, trifold brochures, posters, outdoor banners and registration cards. 


Individual parishes are provided access to a secure area of the Paradisus Dei website to help coordinate all the activities of the program, including:

  • Order promotional materials.
  • Order participant materials.
  • Register men for the program.
  • Send weekly email reminders about meeting times.

Individual Participant Materials

Individual participant materials include:

  • A participant book containing a copy of all the PowerPoint slides used in the presentations.
  • A Lenten Journey booklet.
  • A year-end gift and certificate.

The participant book and Lenten Journey booklet are available online and via mobile app for free. Hard copies may be obtained for a small donation.  Additionally, individual presentations are posted online for those who are unable to attend a session.

Financing That Man is You!

That Man is You! is offered to parishes free of charge by Paradisus Dei, a lay ministry in the Catholic Church and an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.  Parishes are responsible for the promotional costs of the program and ensuring that adequate audiovisual equipment is available.

Program participants attend the program free of charge and all materials are posted to the public access area of the That Man is You! website and via mobile app.  Hard copies of the materials may be obtained for a small donation. The men are expected to cover the costs of the food or beverage associated with the meal.