"This is a sign of the new evangelization."

Daniel Cardinal DiNardo

"That Man is You! does a tremendous job of forming men in their Catholic faith and reshaping their hearts to be disciples of Jesus Christ - in other words, setting men on fire with the courage and zeal that come from being sons of God. I highly recommend this program. It's a great gift to the Church." - Archbishop Charles Chaput

"I was shocked by the results." - Deacon David Krueger, Faith Advisor, The Gallup Poll

"This program is desperately needed in the Roman Catholic Church today! it is the most eye-opening and rewarding program that I have ever attended! I honestly believe this course will make Catholic men better leaders of their families, which will renew the Church and change the world." - Texas

"There were no dry eyes this morning. That alone should tell you the effect this program has had on our men...So many lives have been changed for the better. So many marriages have been turned around. So many addictions have been set aside...I could go on and on...It was evident (that) they didn't want this moment to end." - Florida

"TMIY exposes many of the problems in our culture and addresses them with honesty and insight. Many men have changed their lives. I have never seen such a profound response." - Colorado